4. Introduction to Veda

4. Introduction to VEDA - Concepts of VEDA (VEDA Prakaranam). This is the third session of Vedic learning (Introduction Sessions). In this session, we tried to provide a bird eye view of VEDA. The Key concepts which we covered are - The VEDA, Classification of VEDA, Types of VEDA VĀKYA (Vedic Sentenses), Vedārtha, Upa Veda, Vedānga, Darśana and some associated topics. As the Concepts are very complex and vast in nature, we tried to address the key concepts and in a over simplified way.

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What will i learn?
  • Good understanding of Structure of Veda

Curriculum for this course
15 Lessons 00:37:13 Hours
1 Lessons 00:02:19 Hours
  • Index 00:02:19
  • Brief on VEDA 00:06:43
  • Structure of Veda 00:02:09
  • Classification of VEDA (Ṛg, Yajur, Sāma & Atharva Veda) 00:11:48
  • Ṛśi Paramparā (Linage of Ṛśis of particular Veda Shākha) 00:01:13
  • Vedārtha (Purushārtha, Purpose of Veda) 00:01:26
  • Karma – Implementation of Dharma 00:03:36
  • Yajña (Pancha Maha Yajña ) – The Cosmic Obligation & Sacrifice 00:03:39
  • Darśana Śāstra 00:00:53
  • Upaveda 00:00:38
  • Vedānga 00:00:39
  • Conclusion 00:02:10
  • Sanskrit Letters
  • Śāstra Pramāṇa
  • Technical Terms with Simple Definitions
  • Basic understanding capability.
  • Completion of Part 3. Introduction to Tatvas.
  • Students who are interested in specific course, can apply for exclusive session with certification.
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Course Content :

Chapter 1  : Brief on VEDA

Chapter 2  : Structure of VEDA

Chapter 3  : Classification of VEDA (g, Yajur, Sāma & Atharva Veda)

Chapter 4  : śi Paramparā

Chapter 5  : Vedārtha (Purushārtha)

Chapter 6  : Karma

Chapter 7  : Yajña

Chapter 8  : Darśana Śāstra

Chapter 9  : Upaveda

Chapter 10 : Vedānga

Learning Methodology:

At first Students has to go through the video sessions of all 9 chapters.

The students can also make use of respective Notes and Resources in Downloads. Students can also subscribe for Exclusive and Master learning sessions where direct and interactive classes will be conducted.

Students can take up tests and certifications, and can graduate to next level.

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Sri Poornananda is a Orthodox Practitioner of Vedic Hinduism. Having a decades of orthodox Study, Practice and Teaching experience, continue to work on establishing traditional study practices.

Sri Poornananda is a Orthodox Practitioner of Vedic Hinduism. Born in Bangalore to a traditional Brahmin family, he has completed post graduation in Computers, and worked in many organizations. He was also the head of many Manuscript Preservation Projects. From the birth, he is studying and practicing the orthodox Vedic practices, and in recent times working on many projects which will enable technology to simplified learning of Vedic Shastras.

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