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Paravidya Gurukulam is an orthodox traditional gurukulam, which has been framed to promote traditional study of Vedic Scriptures. The core aim of this Institute is to "Preserve the Scriptures", "Practice Traditional Study" and "Propagate the message of VEDAs. Know More From thousands of years, Gurukulas are depending on Donations from society to Preserve, Practice and Propagate the Vedic Knownedge. Paravidya Gurukulam is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to preserve Vedic Knowledge Heritage. Please donate generously and support the movement. Donate Now
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Call / WhatsApp on : +91 80500 00013     |    Email id: info@paravidya.org  Academic Syllabus    ಶೈಕ್ಷಣಿಕ ಪಠ್ಯಕ್ರಮ    |      Download Android App     |      Learning Portal - Demo     |      Android App - Demo