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Better Ways to DIGITALIZE business

With ever changing technologies and ever mounting business challenges, the sales platforms keep evolving. From traditional POS (Point of Sale) to Online shopping to mobile shopping, the mode and dynamics of sales has changed drastically.

The ever mounting business challenges and market dynamics has forced enterprises to go digital. The growth of business, spread of operations and speed demands the technologies to be incorporated to face market dynamics.

Our dedicated technology team will be developing the solutions and integrating with the existing one, provides the technological edge to enterprises on SaaS (Software as a Service) model, which are available readily and can be implemented can be implemented instantly.

We are a Technology Company, who help businesses to integrate Sales Platforms

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Sales Clouds

Simple and best way to integrate your Sales Platforms

Sales Clouds is an integrated sale platform. It provides a verity of platforms such as Desktop, Web, Mobile, IVR and similar sales tools to enterprises to go digital
and integrate all their sales platforms. Hundreds of sales tools and PnP (Plug N Play) pluggable utilities are available to be integrated to the existing platforms.
Sales Clouds work on the principle of SaaS (Software as a Service), and all offerings are tested, implemented and are available for instant implementation.
Sales Clouds is the quickest implementable solutions available in the market today. It just takes few hours to setup and implement Sales Platform
and to go live by providing the enterprises to activate their business in few hours.


We consider support as important as our product

Support Philosophy

24/7 lifeline for Enterprises

The Philosophy of Support is the 24/7 lifeline for enterprises. The absolute aim of the SalesCloud is to provide the best sales platform and it must be available around the clock. The Support is at the center of Sales Cloud Service offerings.


Integrated Platform Components

Integrated POS

Point of Sale Applications, which work on different platforms and integrated with centralized sales, back-end Inventory and accounts in real-time.

Procurement & Inventory

Multi-vendor Procurement and Staged Inventory integrated with Accounts and Multi-Location Sales.

Accounting & Finance

From Basic Financial Transactions to Balance Sheet with Multi-Company facility with Indian Accounting System with Taxation.

Statuatory & Reporting

Hundreds of Static and Dynamic reporting tool with facility to export to various formats. Hundreds of Invoice and other document templates.

Online Shopping

Dynamic, Instant configurable robust Online Shopping portal with integrated with Retail ERP, Payment Gateway, SMS & Voice Calls.

Integrated Inventory

Online SHopping Portal integrated with Retail ERP Inventory provides seamless interaction.

CRM & Customer Management

Lead, Opportunity, Orders and Invoices. Track and monitor Customer closely for optimization of sales.

Online Demo

Our Online Shopping Portal can be setup in 3 Hours! With all features, exclusive Domain Name, Hosting, Email ID. Click here for demo

Mobile Shopping

Communicate Offers & Discounts to Customers where ever they are and accept order and payment around the clock.

Offers & Discounts

Broadcast Offers and Discounts to existing customers and new prospects through Mobile App, SMS, Voice Calls.

Integrated App

Mobile Order bookings are integreated with Web Shopping and centralized Windows POS Desktop application.

Online Demo

Our Online Shopping Store can be setup in 3 Hours! With Online Shopping Portal, the Android app will be available. Click here to download the Android App demo

Payment Gateway

Pay by Cash on Delivery, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Mobile Wallets, Pay Pal, Paytm,....

SMS & Voice Calls

Real-time alerts and acknowledgements through text SMS and voice calls.

GST & Taxation Interface

Instant and up-to-date tax compliance with State and Central departments.

Business Analytics

Understand your business by drilling down data to get various angels of clarity on transactions.


Integrated Platform Components

  • PC, Web, Tab & Mobile

  • Hundreds of Plugins

  • Dynamic Reports

  • Innovative Ideas

  • 8 Years of Stability

  • Hundreds of Customers

  • Unlimited Options

  • Upto-date Functionlaity

  • Easy Customization

  • Up-to-date Technology

  • Remote Desktop Support

  • Latest Coding Structure

  • Video Training Sessions

  • Multi Domain System

  • Hundreds of Invoice Templates

  • Comprehensive Business Analytics

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